/ Social Responsibility

It’s about more than just talking the talk.

TP is a promoter of strong environmental and social responsible initiatives. To that end, TP has recently undergone a transformation with regard to how environmental stewardship and social responsibility initiatives affect the processes in which our business is done. We believe in being a leader in the environmental movement, helping the local economies in which we conduct business, and promoting Aboriginal Inclusion in everyday business practices.

Our commitment to the Environment

Educating employees about environmental stewardship allows them to glean a better understanding of what is occurring in environmental issues today. Climate change – and the subsequent need for strong environmental leadership at the organizational level – demands a new approach in the way traditional construction has been conducted for many years. TP aims to be a leader in the environmental movement.

Our commitment to Social Responsibility

Western Canada is comprised of many communities with diverse socioeconomic standards. That said, TP understands that when conducting business in certain regions, stimulation of economies must be realized. After all, sustainable employment and local procurement of goods and services assist with attaining the goal of stimulation. We are committed to keeping this knowledge at the forefront of how we conduct ourselves.

Aboriginal Inclusion

TP sums up our commitment to Aboriginal Inclusion in one word: Sustainability. We remain a leader in this regard due to the experience and vision of the management team and our partners.