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Not necessarily new. But certainly improved.

Trans Power Construction (TP) was established in 1966. Since its inception, we’ve had the opportunity to construct countless power line projects ranging from 4KV to 500 KV in the rough terrain of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. In fact, at one time, TP was British Columbia’s premier power line contractor and many of this province’s existing transmission lines were constructed by TP as long as four decades ago.

Of course many organizations experience peaks and valleys depending on factors like economics, resources, and client requirements. And in 1999, Ken Toma, current president and owner of TP, purchased TP’s assets after an economic downturn. In the time since, Ken has successfully kept TP established in the power line market by utilizing his vast knowledge of the industry. Ken has kept the brand and the legacy alive.

His over 50 years working in the power line construction market have served TP well. He worked as a PLT and General Foreman for TP for well over a decade prior to purchasing the organization and was an instrumental contingent on an array of power line projects continent-wide.

Due to shifts in the Canadian business environment, Ken is expanding the TP brand offering. With the assistance of knowledgeable professionals in the power line industry in areas like Safety, Quality, Project Management, Business Development, and Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility, Ken’s focus is now on new opportunities conducted in a new way, allowing for an unmatched client experience.

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